Late Middle Ordovician Kanosh Shale

Late Middle Ordovician Lehman Formation

Millard County, Nevada

A geologically instructive outcrop in western Millard County, Utah, a number of miles east of the eastern border of White Pine County, Nevada, that reveals the fossil-bearing late middle Ordovician Kanosh Shale and Lehman Formation overlain by late Ordovician sedimentary rock units. Symbols on the image designate the following (I added the lettering to the original photograph, by the way): Ok--late middle Ordovican Kanosh Shale (extraordinarily fossiliferous--second-youngest member of the Pogonip Group); Ol--late Ordovician Lehman Formation (notably fossiliferous--youngest member of the Pogonip Group); Ow--Watson Ranch Quartzite (unfossiliferous); Cp--late Ordovician Crystal Peak Dolomite (here, unfossiliferous); Oe--upper Ordovician Eureka Quartzite (here, unfossiliferous). The Kanosh and Lehman geologic units produce prolific suites of early Paleozoic Era invertebrate remains, including: brachiopods, echinoderms, bryozoans, ostracods, sponges, graptolites, gastropods, pelecypods, cephalopods, conodonts, trilobites, and Receptaculites green algae. Photograph courtesy James R. Bain; I edited and processed the image through photoshop.

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