Late Middle Ordovician Kanosh Shale

Late Middle Ordovician Lehman Formation

White Pine County, Nevada

A view to a mountain slope in White Pine County, Nevada, that reveals excellent exposures of the profusely fossiliferous late middle Ordovican Kanosh Shale and Lehman Formation, overlain by the unfossiliferous late Ordovician Eureka Quartzite. Lettering on photo denotes the following: Ok--late middle Ordovician Kanosh Shale (second-youngest member of the Pogonip Group); Ol--late middle Ordovician Lehman Formation (youngest member of the Pogonip Group); Oe--Eureka Quartzite. That darkish material above the Eureka Quartzite, to upper right edge of photograph, is the upper Ordovician through lower Silurian Ely Springs Dolomite; sliver of strata to the immdediate left of the Kanosh Shale, to left edge of image, is the middle Ordovician Shingle Pass Limestone. Photograph courtesy Cole T. Edwards and Matthew R. Saltzman. The Kanosh and Lehman geologic units produce prolific suites of early Paleozoic Era invertebrate remains, including: brachiopods, echinoderms, bryozoans, ostracods, sponges, graptolites, gastropods, pelecypods, cephalopods, conodonts, trilobites, and Receptaculites green algae.

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