Lower Ordovician Fillmore Formation

Millard County, Utah

Conodonts (minute tooth or jaw-like structures, unrelated to modern jaws, that served as a unique feeding apparatus in an extinct lamprey eel-like animal) from the lower Ordovician Fillmore Formation, western Millard County, Utah, a number of miles east of the eastern border of White Pine County, Nevada. Specimens--clockwise starting at upper left: 1--Drepanodus arcuatus; 2--Drepanoistodus basiovalis; 3--Acodus deltatus; 4--Scolopodus rex; 5--Drepanoistodus basiovalis; 6--Drepanoistodus basiovalis; 7--Paltodus jemtlandicus; 8--Oneotodus costatus; 9--Drepanodus arcuatus. Photograph courtesy Lehi F. Hintze and Fitzhugh D. Davis; I edited and processed the image through photoshop.

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