Trilobite Cephalons (the head shield)

Upper Cambrian Dunderberg Shale

Eureka County, Nevada

Trilobite cephalons (the head shield) from the upper Cambrian Dunderberg Shale, Eureka County, Nevada, a number of miles west of the western border of White Pine County, Nevada. Specimens: Top row, lef to right: 1--Irvingella eurekensis; 2, 3--Irvingella angustilimbatus. Second row, left to right: 4--Elvinia granulata; 5--Elvinia hamburgensis; 6-- Elvinia sp.; 7--Elvinia roemeri. Third row, left to right: 8--Elviniella sp.; 9, 10--Elviniella laevis. Fourth row, left to right: 11-13--Elburgia quinnensis; 14--Elviniella sp. Fifth row, left to right: 15--Elburgia quinnensis; 16, 17--Elburgia granulosa; 18--Olenusf wilsoni. Photograph courtesy Allison R. Palmer; I edited and processed the image through photoshop.

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