Lower to Middle Devonian Nevada Formation

White Pine County, Nevada

An enthusiastic Devonian Period adventurer explores fossil-bearing outcrops of the lower to middle Devonian Nevada Formation in White Pine County, Nevada, which here yields abundant beautiful brachiopods that weather out of the calcareous sediments whole and intact. Elsewhere, the Nevada Formation produces numerous kinds of corals, as well.

Note--The Nevada Formation of long-held, time-honored usage represented five regionally mappable subunits, or members, which in ascending order or geologic age consisted of: Beacon Peak Dolomite; Oxyoke Canyon Sandstone; Sentinel Mountain Dolomite; Woodpecker Limestone; and Bay State Dolomite. Current stratigraphic convention abandons the term Nevada Formation altogether in favor of elevating to full formational rank all five individual members. Herein, though, I summarily reject that stratigraphic reorganization and continue to use the older, more appropriate designation--Nevada Formation, retaining as distinct subunits the five recognizeable members.

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